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In-person voting locations

Due to COVID-19, ballots will be mailed to all voters in the State of California by October 5.  

In addition, in-person voting locations will be provided. Per the Governor's Executive Orders and new laws, counties can adopt a model of voting that requires in person voting locations based on the number of registered voters: 1/10,000 voters. Santa Cruz County has 166,873 voters, so we will have 17 voting locations in Santa Cruz County.

Any voter can go to any location. 

The Santa Cruz County Clerk's office and the Watsonville City Clerk's office will be open for voting beginning Monday, October 5. These offices will be open Monday - Friday during regular business hours. Both locations will also be open for the 4 days prior to the election. 

Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections: 701 Ocean St., Room 310, Santa Cruz
Watsonville City Clerk's Office: 275 Main St., 4th Floor (6th Floor of the parking garage), Watsonville

In addition, there will be 16 other locations that will be open the following days and times:

Saturday, October 31: 9am to 5pm 
Sunday, November 1: 9am to 5pm
Monday, November 2: 8am to 5pm
Tuesday, Election Day, November 3: 7am to 8pm.

Any voter may go to any voting location. Services will include:

  • obtaining a replacement ballot,
  • voting and turning in the ballot mailed to you,
  • using the tablet to vote on an accessible ballot or a ballot in Spanish, and
  • registering and voting on the same day.

 All locations will adhere to public safety protocols including wearing masks, disinfecting services, using hand sanitizer, keeping physical distances, and washing hands frequently. We will also provide clear guard protections to separate people.

Due to the fires in Santa Cruz County, some of these sites may have to be relocated due to fire damage or being used for a shelter or other emergency purpose. 

Voting locations in Santa Cruz County include: 

  1. Aptos - Temple Beth El, 3055 Porter Gulch Rd.
  2. Boulder Creek - Boulder Creek Recreation Hall, 13333 Middleton Ave.
  3. Capitola - New Brighton Middle School, 250 Washburn Ave.
  4. Felton - San Lorenzo Valley High School, 7105 Highway 9
  5. Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz County Clerk/Elections, 701 Ocean St., Room 310. Voting begins at this location on October 5. 
  6. Santa Cruz - Simpkins Family Swim Center, 979 17th Ave.
  7. Santa Cruz - Bonny Doon Elementary School, 1492 Pine Flat Rd.
  8. Santa Cruz - Kaiser Permanente Arena, 140 Front St.
  9. Santa Cruz - Masonic Center, 828 N. Branciforte Ave.
  10. Santa Cruz - Gateway School, formerly Natural Bridges School, Gym, 255 Swift St. 
  11. Scotts Valley - Scotts Valley Community Center, 360 Kings Village Rd.
  12. Scotts Valley - Scotts Valley High School, 555 Glenwood Dr.
  13. Soquel - NOW Soquel High School, 401 Soquel San Jose Rd. WAS Soquel Conference Center - cannot be used due to poor connectivity.
  14. Watsonville - Watsonville City Community Room, 275 Main St., 4th Floor. Voting begins at this location on October 5.
  15. Watsonville - Pajaro Valley Community Trust, 85 Nielson St.
  16. Watsonville - La Selva Beach Clubhouse, 314 Estrella Ave.
  17. Watsonville - Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds, 2601 East Lake Ave.
  18. Watsonville - Calabasas Elementary School, 202 Calabasas Rd.
  19. Santa Cruz - UCSC Merrill Cultural Center, will be open on Monday and Tuesday only.
  20. Vote Mobile - Santa Cruz County has a mobile voting trailer that will be used throughout the county. Check for dates and times after October 12.