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How to vote with a paper ballot

At the polling place, you can choose to vote on a paper or touch screen ballot.

Mark your ballot

Draw a single line to connect the head and tail of the arrow that points to your choice.

Use only a blue or black ballpoint ink pen. Do not use red ink pens, Sharpies, markers or any other type of pen.

Do not sign your name on your ballot, write your initials, or write any other words or marks on your voted ballot.

To vote for a qualified write-in candidate, write their name on the blank line at the end of the list of candidates.Then connect the arrow pointing to that name.

A list of qualified write-in candidates is available at the polling place on Election Day. The list is posted on our website at 13 days before the election

Check your ballot carefully

If you make a mistake ask a poll worker for a new ballot or follow the instructions in your ballot packet.

  • Don’t vote for too many.
  • Vote for the number allowed.
  • Always connect the arrow, even on a write-in vote.

Cast your ballot at the scanner

After you have marked your ballot, take it to the scanner and insert your ballot.

If you made a mistake, such as voting for too many candidates, the scanner will eject your ballot so you can correct it. Surrender your ballot with the mistake and a poll worker will give you a new ballot. Be advised, voters are allowed ONLY three replacement ballots.