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How to vote with an electronic ballot

At the polling place, you can choose to vote using an electronic touch screen ballot or paper ballot.

With touch screen voting, all voters – including those with disabilities – can vote privately and independently.

1. Tell the poll worker you want to use the touch screen

  • The poll worker will give you a ticket.
  • Take it to the touch screen area.
  • When it’s your turn, a poll worker will activate the screen so you can vote.

2. Mark your ballot

  • Touch the box next to your choice. A green check mark will appear.
  • To change your vote, touch that choice again. The green check mark will disappear.
  • To vote for a write-in candidate, touch the box that says WRITE-IN. A keyboard will pop up. Type the write-in candidate’s name, then touch OK.

3.  Review your votes

  • Touch the screen to print and review a paper record of your votes.
  • If you want to make changes, you can start again.

4.  Cast your vote

  • Touch the screen to cast your ballot.
  • Protect your vote. Do not leave the voting system until you see the green “Thank you” screen that says your vote has been recorded.