Argument Against Measure N

Voters should reject this new tax.  The Loma Prieta Joint Union School District received a $164 per parcel tax increase in 2013, with the promise that it would be a temporary 7-year stop-gap measure“Nothing is as permanent as a temporary tax.”  Since 2000, there have been 8(!) tax increases on the ballot in our district.  In 2018, the district received a new tax which indebts our students and community until the year 2052!

District leadership has been deficit spending for years, even with the soon-to-expire parcel tax funds.  They take for granted that the supply of taxpayer dollars is endless.  Taxpayers must live within their means - and so should the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District.

Spending per student has increased to $15,842 per year - or 121% of the state average. Enrollment is decreasing and property tax revenue is increasing.  Poor fiscal management leaves us facing new taxes every two years and constant appeals for donations.  The dedicated and hard-working teaching staff in our district deserve a sustainable budget that recognizes fiscal realities.

Flat-rate parcel taxes especially impact the poorest members of our community.  Consider how this new tax will disproportionally affect families who are already struggling financially – $1,968 over the course of the tax.  Recruiting and retaining qualified teachers cannot be furthered by worsening our already absurd tax rates and housing costs.
District leadership has demonstrated contempt for transparency and public accountability, and it is irrational to give them more money.  Consider recent revelations of many tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on investigations and reports still being improperly withheld from the public.
We can best serve our kids and community by demanding responsible fiscal management and by focusing on developing students’ core academic skills.
You can be FOR schools, FOR students, and AGAINST Measure N.

Please vote NO on Measure N.

Erin Watson
Business Owner

Shahryar Rokni
District Parent

Rachel L. Thompson
District Parent

Tara Murphree
District Parent

Mark W.A. Hinkle
President Silicon Valley Taxpayers Associatio