Rebuttal to argument against Measure N

We must continue to invest in our children to protect the outstanding education they receive at

Loma Prieta Elementary School and C.T. English Middle School without raising tax rates!

Don't be deceived by the opponents’ inaccurate, cynical and misleading statements.

Here are the facts:

FACT: Measure N is about one thing – maintaining the quality of education in our mountain elementary and middle schools.

FACT: Measure N will NOT raise your tax rate.  It simply extends without increasing the existing measure.

FACT: Voters approved Measure H in 2013 to prevent devastating cuts to our local schools in the wake of the Great Recession.  Now in the COVID-19 era, and given continued cuts in State funding, the need for community support of our mountain schools is even greater.

FACT: Without Measure N, significant existing funding will disappear from LPJUSD school budgets, meaning drastic cuts to academic programs, increased class sizes, and maintaining only basics at our schools.

FACT: The District has already had to slash its budget, improve efficiencies, establish a Budget Advisory Committee, and made cuts as far away from the classroom as possible, all while maintaining a high level of education for local mountain students.

FACT: The quality of LPJUSD schools, teachers, class sizes, and challenging instructional programs depends on Measure N to supplement limited State funding.

FACT: Independent Citizens’ Oversight and mandatory audits are required for fiscal accountability, and an exemption is available for senior citizens.

Protect your investment in our local public schools – without raising your tax rate.


Paula Leary
Local Realtor, Longtime Mountain Resident

Kris Denues
Retired Educator, Longtime Mountain Resident

Sanjay Khandelwal
President, Loma Prieta Community Foundation

Alex Leman
Chief, Loma Prieta Fire and Rescue

Azadeh Nolan
Community Leader, Parent, Volunteer