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Local Measures on the November 3 Ballot

Information about public display of election documents

Measures will be assigned a letter after 5pm on Friday, August 7.

Arguments for or against the measure are due by 5pm, Friday August 14. Arguments may not exceed 300 words. Please file signed originals in person at 701 Ocean St., Room 310, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. All arguments must be filed with a Signature Statement found in our Guide to Writing Arguments. 

Filing by FAX or Email:  Signatures on arguments, rebuttals and analyses must appear on the same page as the text of the argument, rebuttal or analysis. Original signatures must be presented to the elections official within 48 hours of the electronic transmission or the item(s) will not be considered as filed (weekends and holidays excepted).  Electronic transmission must be started prior to 5pm on deadline days to be accepted as filed.  The FAX number is 831-454-2445. To email, you must scan the document with the signature and email to 

Impartial analysis by County Counsel is due by 5pm, Friday, August 14. Analyses may not exceed 500 words. 

Rebuttals to arguments for or against are due by 5pm, Friday, August 21. When both an argument in favor and an argument against a measure has been filed and selected for printing in the Voter Information Guide, the County Elections Official will send copies of the arguments to the filers and advise them of the deadline for filing the rebuttal. Rebutalls may not exceed 250 words.​​​​​​