Sonja Brunner
Downtown Community Operations Director  Age: 50

For years, my professional work has been focused on small business development.  In order to fund needed public services, we need a vibrant small business community that is generating local jobs and sales tax revenues.  My experience working on small business development, affordable housing, and community building will help provide leadership on our City Council.

Neighbors have also told me how important it is that we embrace this moment in the struggle for true equal rights and social justice. As a multicultural woman of color, my life experience demands that I work persistently to achieve this goal.

An essential component of equity and social justice is housing. I chair the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County board of directors, and will work to get our fair share of California’s $4 Billion affordable housing funds to help reduce homelessness, and increase opportunities for our school teachers, public safety and social service workers to live and work in our community.

I’m humbled by the support I’ve received from some of the people who have held this job before me. It would be an honor to have your vote too.