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Steven Laird Trujillo 
Author and Educator                            831-479-4159             Age: 67

Our community college system is dysfunctional.   It does not serve all the populations of our community. 

I’m a Santa Cruz county resident since 1998. I was a Monterey county resident for 15 years prior. I served as an ad hoc counselor at De Anza College in 97-98. I served on the Santa Cruz city school board from 2010-2014. I served as a bilingual teacher to CA students for 36 years. 

My life is dedicated to public service.   Last October, the Diversity Center of Santa Cruz county recognized me as a “Hero of the Community”. Past pro bono service:  MAPA and LULAC in Salinas, Retired Teachers of Santa Cruz county, Friends of the Library and the YMCA in Watsonville, Pajaro Village HOA in Watsonville. 

Cabrillo has not had a successful tax override election in 16 years. Many in our community don’t feel Cabrillo serves them. We are in the middle of a historic depression.  Taking ever increasing tax amounts from homeowners is not a solution.  My job is not to warm a chair; my job is to bring needed change. Vote Trujillo for Cabrillo November 3.