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Rachael Spencer
Cabrillo College Trustee                       831-423-5431

Cabrillo Community College has a commitment to quality and equity for all students seeking higher education.  I am honored to be serving as a trustee and to support Cabrillo’s vision of improving the world--one student at a time.

I attended Cabrillo as a re-entry student and received an excellent education which allowed me to transfer and succeed at UCSC.  I went on to own a small business in Santa Cruz and attribute its success to the confidence and “hard work” skills I learned at Cabrillo.  As trustee, I have supported policies that increase Cabrillo’s equal access to a life changing educational experience.

Knowing that lack of money is the largest barrier to education, I am chair of the scholarship committee which raises and awards thousands of dollars to students.  I co-founded the Women’s Education Success (WES) program that makes immediate grants to Cabrillo students with emergency needs. 

During these challenging times, it is critical that we support Cabrillo faculty and staff in developing and delivering excellent online classes and services.  Robust outreach to prospective and current students is needed to encourage college dreams.  With your support, I will, as trustee, ensure Cabrillo can meet today’s challenges and thrive.