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Mike Kubo

Research Scientist/Education Outreach Coordinator    831-421-9253     Age:44

As a community, the greatest legacy that we can leave for the next generation is that of an accessible, high quality public education for all children. As a 25-year resident of Santa Cruz County, I have always prioritized my free time towards community service. From volunteering as a tutor to underserved students at local high schools when I was a UCSC student, to serving as the President of the Board of Directors at Coastal Community Preschool, I have prioritized serving my community and have a deep commitment to improving the educational opportunities available to our children. Now, as the parent of a school-aged daughter in this County, I feel the pull of this commitment more than ever.
The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated challenges already facing our educational system and created new challenges that will have lasting impacts on this generation of K-12 students. We must bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to meet this challenge.

I will leverage my 20 years of experience as a Research Scientist and Education/Public Outreach Coordinator and my commitment to diversity to bring a fresh and critical eye to the challenges facing the COE.

Please join me in creating the change we need!