Argument for Measure B

Vote YES on Measure B to secure local funding for essential public services, including climate change and wildfire resilience, and to address the impacts of vacation rentals on our neighborhoods – without raising taxes on local residents.

Santa Cruz County faces devastating wildfires, drought conditions, powerful storms and other climate change impacts that threaten our homes and community, along with ongoing challenges related to homelessness and lack of affordable housing.

Measure B supports critical efforts to improve climate change resilience and wildfire prevention, and to provide needed mental health services, homelessness programs and affordable housing.

Similar to local cities, Measure B adds a 1% tax on visitors staying in hotels, motels and inns to help offset the burden out-of-town visitors place on our services.

Measure B also adds a 3% tax on out-of-town visitors staying in residential vacation rentals. These funds will help enforce local regulations, mitigate neighborhood impacts, and provide essential services that benefit the entire community. The tax recognizes the cost of removing desperately needed long-term housing and the additional burden that places on local families.

Funds from Measure B improve our local readiness, response, resilience and recovery from climate change impacts and public health emergencies.

Voting YES on Measure B does not raise taxes on Santa Cruz County residents and supports essential, local public services.

Without increasing taxes on local residents, voting YES on Measure B will:

  • Mitigate neighborhood impacts from out-of-town visitors
  • Keep local parks and recreation centers open and well maintained
  • Improve mental health and homelessness services
  • Expand wildfire prevention and climate change response 
  • Repair local streets and roads

Measure B requires strict fiscal accountability:

  • Every penny must stay in Santa Cruz County under local control
  • By law, no funds can be taken away by the State
  • Annual public reports will ensure transparent spending

Please vote YES on Measure B for a cleaner, safer and more resilient Santa Cruz County!

/s/ Julie Conway, Housing Manager (Retired), County of Santa Cruz

/s/ Monica Martinez, CEO, Encompass, Nonprofit Heath and Human Services Provider

/s/ Jon Showalter, Association of Faith Communities

/s/ Mark Bisbee, Fire Chief (Retired), Watsonville Fire Department and CAL FIRE

/s/ Joe Hall, Live Oak Neighbor/Veteran

If an asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing on behalf of that agency/organization.

If no asterisk (*) appears after a name, it means the person is signing as an individual.